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Fenomtovic Enterprises

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Fenomtovic Enterprises

Introducing Fenomtovic Enterprises, Your tested & trusted Partner for all your Supply Chain and Logistics services, Affordable Auto deals etc. Our Range of services include but not limited to: a) Freight Forwarding Services-. b) Importation and Exportation of goods, Shipment Documentation and tracking of your orders from Origin( any country in the world ) both Air and Sea shipments till it gets to Nigerian port ie MMIA( Murtala Mohammed Airport) for Air or TINCAN ISLAND for Sea. c) Shipment Clearing from Port to your desired destination anywhere in Nigeria @affordable rates giving you that competitive advantage. d) Auto Dealership: Giving you the best Auto deals for any Car, SUV or truck of your choice ranging from: I) Foreign Used Vehicles ii)Registered Cars and of course our unbeatable offer ie iii) Pre-Order Cars where you get to enjoy 15-20% off the price of any Car direct from Diaspora.

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