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Facilities or factors worthy to consider before renting an event center for your wedding event and probably pay less for an expensive hall is a continuation of my most recent blog post. At the end of your reading, you’d have known what and what really matters before you expend a huge amount of money on that hall. Of course, prestige, wedding budget, guest consideration and more are all discussed to enable you to make an informed decision before booking the event center.

To get the full gist, I encourage you to quickly take your time to read part 1 of this post here. 

Roof and podium Height

This factor depends largely on the type of interior décor you wish to have for your event. I mean, if you’re the type who wants an event and stage design with fireworks, you may have to consider a hall with a high podium and roof. This height essentially adds to the beauty of whatever form of design you want to do. Plus the fact that fireworks may destroy designs with a low height. Aside from this, there are some halls that have lower and dangling clothing designs attached to the top roof. Now assume you want to light some fireworks and some burning substances, I wonder how best this can come in a low space. Therefore the podium and roof height are factors to consider especially if you’re looking to make some fireworks.


Of course, a wedding ceremony is just a day. But believe me; you won’t be happy to hear the report that a guest’s car is stolen, a child is missing or some hoodlums or invited guests have invaded your wedding party. Your guests’ security is paramount. Even aside from this, your own security too is of importance. Life and property during your event are in your care. Little wonder why you cannot afford to neglect the provision of security personnel when it comes to hiring an event hall. Be it professional security men, bouncers or local ones, they can be attached to the venue. Ensure you find out if there would be the provision of security men in any capacity available for your event. You may have to consider hiring one yourself if need be.

Air condition/Fans

Nobody likes being stuffed up. Let alone where you have many people of different breathe and different levels of purified air intake capacity. Please do ensure that the hall you are considering to hire has adequate ventilation, source of chilled air like the air condition or fans. One care you should take note of here is when these ACs will begin to work. Will it be on shortly before the event begins, only when there is a power supply or middle of the event? All these questions are worth being asked to know when and when to expect them to put it on. I have had a case where the groom became infuriated because the guests were stuffed in a confined place without proper air circulation. Whereas the management of this event center agreed to put on the fans and air conditions as soon as guests begin to troop in.

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